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Bits, Bytes, and a Growing Global Software Market

August 18, 2015

The software industry covers many different aspects of the computer world. In the modern age, what category isn’t linked to software in some way or another? Computing services, video games, publishing tools, and photo editors all fall under the broad-spectrum category of software. Even though the software industry is relatively young, emerging only with the appearance of computers since the 1960s, it has quickly become a global phenomenon. In fact, one could argue that the software industry has been globalized since its very inception. However, there are certainly some areas of the all-encompassing title of software that have seen the most globalization, such as:

» Applications or software that are business-oriented

» Systems or software required by a network or computer infrastructure

» Middleware or software that connects applications with the system infrastructure

» Games

Learn more about how the constant evolution of technology has impacted the global market of the software industry.


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